North Bend, Nebraska

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In the Midwest the average rate for tattoo work is about $125 dollars an hour, with an hour minimum charge even when the tattoo doesn’t take a complete hour. Affinity Tattoo Studio only charges a minimum of $60 dollars, which covers the cost of setup, supplies and the tattoo.
Affinity Tattoo Studio is a By Appointment Only tattoo studio. Tattoo time blocks run 12p-3p, 3p-6p and 6p-9p daily, except Wednesday, which is my day off. If the day and time aren’t available you may choose another time, or be put on reserve in case the time becomes available.
Custom tattoos require more design time; therefore if there are pieces to be drawn before yours, more time will be needed to get your design completed. There is usually never a charge for the design as long as you get the appointment set and tattoo completed.
Most of my communication is now done through the internet via my website contacts page or private messenger. This enables me to have time with both the client who I am currently working with and the potential new client, allowing me to interact without interruptions during an actual tattoo session.
Affinity Tattoo Studio may not be for every person seeking to get a tattoo. I require patience and an even attitude approach to complete each piece. Tattoos last a lifetime and each one shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Thank You As Always,

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